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Dubai has been a popular destination for professionals aspiring career growth, and diversified jobs in Dubai boost the employment opportunities for all. It has attracted professionals from all over the globe to seek jobs in Dubai and this migration has helped the city to become a culturally diverse place to work and live. Dubai can be defined by leisure, religion, culture, tradition, sports, city-sized malls and skyscrapers and is popular for offering the most favorable work environments. The economy of Dubai has grown rapidly in the past 2-3 decades and this trend is expected to continue in the upcoming decades, and this has created a number of exclusive jobs in Dubai. This highly sought after destination is an expat’s paradise. If you are planning to live or work in Dubai you should know these seven points –


1. Tax-Free Income Is a Major Crowd-Puller for Jobs in Dubai

Levying taxes against any professional’s personal income is against the laws in the UAE, which translates to gross income going straight to the employee’s bank account. So it means that your hard earned money is all your’s, and you don’t have to pay any income tax. Besides, the residents of the UAE also enjoy no stamp duty, tax-free rental income, and no tax on capital gains or inheritance. It is an attractive incentive and can help you save a good amount in the long term. However, in order to get the benefits of tax-free income, ensure that you don’t have any obligation to any other state for tax payment on foreign earned and sourced income.

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2. Global Exposure for Professionals at All Levels

Majority of the working population in Dubai comprises of expats. The city is a preferred choice for professionals from countries like the Philippines, India, Pakistan, and even Europe. Such a big mix of nationalities means varied cultural and professional influences, in the form of global cuisines, traditions, as well as leisure and entertainment. Without a doubt, Dubai offers the biggest grounding in international business in all the key economic sectors such as real estate, finance, oil and gas, services as well as hospitality, and that is why demands are high for jobs in Dubai.


3. Ample Employment Opportunities for Jobseekers

UAE’s economy is highly advanced and yet it is considered to be a relatively younger economy. Dubai has an established employment industry and is mainly dependent on expats. Besides, the city also offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs as well, by offering them with immense opportunities to start up their businesses. Employment requirements are going up on a remarkable rate and professionals with unique skill sets and expertise are in high demand. The government is also working towards attracting foreign investors and to achieve this feat, it is establishing a number of free zones for industrial segments. Its entrepreneurial environment, extensive employment prospects and better salaries are some of the main reasons why you should look for jobs in Dubai.

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4. Salaries and Other Benefits Add to the Value of Jobs in Dubai

Employers are aware that low-paying jobs in Dubai and small increments in salaries don’t have many takers. To avoid attrition and to keep the motivation up for the professionals, employers are offering them attractive salaries and benefits like health insurance, a vacation of 30 days/annum, once-a-year airline tickets to the home country, and housing allowances, among others. Some of the companies also offer flexible working hours and education allowances to the employees and have a great focus on a better work-life balance. In addition, some of the companies are also offering work-from-home options to working mothers.


5. Dubai is a Safe Place to Live

Compared to other Middle Eastern countries, the UAE is the safest. Dubai is the most developed and modern cities of the region and offers a safe place to live for both males and females. Dubai police are highly proactive and their crime-solving rate is as high as 99%.


6. Cheap Petrol And Automobiles

If you are a car freak then the UAE is the place to be. Petrol is extremely cheap here and even cars are available at much lesser prices than in other countries.


7. Enjoy an Incredible Quality of Life

Love glittery lifestyle, Dubai is the place for you! With luxurious hotels, bars, pubs, clubs and other entertainment options around, you don’t need to look further. Enjoy beach surfing, go shopping in a high-end shopping mall, feast on world-class cuisines, you name it and you have the option available right there.


A great place to live and travel, Dubai is also a great place to work for. High paying jobs, tax-free income, great lifestyle and many employment benefits give the professionals all the reasons to kick start their career in Dubai.

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