How to Write a Request Letter for Experience Certificate?

Experience Certificate

The experience certificate is an integral part of the employment and is the right of every employee. It is mandatory for the employers to issue experience certificate to their employees upon the termination of their employment contract. It is a company’s duty to provide an experience certificate at the request of the employee.

This article includes everything that you need to know about requesting and writing an experience certificate application


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What is a Work Experience Certificate / Letter?

An experience letter or an experience certificate is a formal letter issued by the employer to the employee that certifies that the employee has worked in the current organization. Employees require experience letters at the time of joining a new job. A standard experience certificate format mentions the times spent by an employee in an organization adding to his/her overall experience.


Why do you need an Experience Certificate / Letter?

This document is required by the company where you intend to join or by an institution or organization where you look forward to pursuing your higher studies. The document mentions the name and location of the company where you worked. You would need to sound very sincere and courteous while you draft a request letter for your experience certificate.


Tips for Writing a Request Letter for Experience Certificate

Follow these tips get the format of your experience certificate request letter right.


Decide Whom to Address

It is important to decide who can be the best person to address the request letter to. Ideally, your immediate supervisor or the HR department should be approached to seek the experience certificate. Your immediate supervisor would best attest your duties that you performed while working, on the other hand, the HR department keeps employment records of every employee and has your employment history. Take your call and if possible, align both HR and your supervisor so that they both are on the same page regarding your request and help you better.


Express Gratitude

Once you have identified the right person to whom you should address the experience certificate application to, the first thing you must do is express gratitude towards the organization. After that, proceed with your requesting for the experience letter.


Mention the Purpose

In your request letter, you must specify the reason why you want the experience certificate. Ask your prospective employer or institution what they need apart from your work experience verification. This will help your past employer create an experience certificate matching your requirements.


A Sample of an Email Requesting Experience Certificate from an Employer


To: — [Email ID of the Hiring Manager]

Subject: — Request for Issuance of Experience Certificate

Dear Mr/Ms. XYZ,

This is to bring to your kind notice that I had served [Company Name] as a [Designation] from [Joining Date] till [Relieving Date] in your [Department Name]. It was a tremendous journey and I learned a lot working in your esteemed organization. I really appreciate the opportunities the company provided me for my professional growth and it added great value to my profile.

I am writing this mail to request you to issue my experience certificate. I would be much obliged if you consider issuing me my experience certificate. This would help me immensely in my future career prospects.

Yours’ sincerely,


[Contact Details]

Dos and Don’ts of Writing an Application for Experience Certificate



. Express your sincerity towards your organization

. Clearly mention the reason why do you need the experience certificate

. Keep the tone of the letter formal

. Check for grammatical mistakes or punctuation errors



. Try to act friendly with your supervisor/HR manager even if you worked for a long time

. Use abbreviations, emoticons, fancy fonts, backgrounds or images in the email

. Write lengthy email instead of keeping it to the point


On a Concluding Note

If in case your mail gets missed by your previous employer or if they haven’t responded to your request letter for 10 – 15 days, you can follow up with a phone call. While discussing the things, be polite and respectful. Do not forget to thank the concerned person for their time. Do not pester them with further calls.


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