How to Reschedule a Job Interview over an Email?

When you are seriously looking for a job, the last thing you would want to do is reschedule the interview. This is true. Another truth is that nobody has control over certain unavoidable circumstances or tricky situations that may occur and force you to write an email requesting to reschedule the interview. If you do not wish for the interviewer to cancel the job interviewer altogether, you must approach the task of rescheduling interview with utmost caution. You must do it in a way that it does not burn the bridges and closes the opportunity for any future interaction with the hiring manager.


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Most recruiters understand that certain circumstances occur but they expect you to be pro-active in informing about your situation the correct way. However, many candidates struggle and wonder ‘how to reschedule a job interview’ gracefully. If you are one of such people, outlined below are some easy yet smart ways to write an effective interview reschedule request letter/email.

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Quick Tips on ‘How to Reschedule an Interview?’


  • 1. Timing

The most important aspect when rescheduling a job interview is timing. Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes. Recruiters spend a lot of time and effort into scheduling interviews and blocking time of the concerned person. Therefore, it is only right for you to respect their time and avoid informing them at the last moment.

If you give enough advance notice, the recruiter can arrange for some other candidate’s interview in your place. Additionally, if the recruiter does not have any other suitable candidates apart from you, your prior notice will give them the flexibility to pick a suitable date and time for rescheduling the interview.


  • 2. Mode of Communication

The second most important aspect to take care of when you want to reschedule interview is the mode of communication that you will use for informing the recruiter. While writing an email requesting the recruiter to reschedule the interview is the most professional way, it does not guarantee 100% that the recruiter will read your request. To avoid any gaps in the communication, after sending the email requesting to reschedule the interview, call the recruiter to inform about your situation verbally as well.

If you do not get to speak directly to the concerned person, ensure to leave a message and note the name of the person who received your message.

When you are communicating with the potential employers, you should never come across as demanding or rude. It can scrap your chances of landing your dream job.


  • 3. Share your Reasons

When communicating with the recruiter your inability to attend the interview on the scheduled day, do not let him/her hanging. Explain your reason for not attending the interview but ensure that your reason is genuine. Whether it is your own health or your family member’s health that is stopping you from attending the interview, explaining the situation to the recruiter will increase the chances of him/her rescheduling the interview, willingly.

After explaining the situation, apologize to the recruiter for not attending the interview and express your gratitude for his consideration regarding your candidature. Emphasize how much looked forward to discussing the opportunity in detail during the interview. This will lead you to the last goal, which is to suggest a new date for scheduling the interview.


  • 4. Suggest a New Date

There is no harm in suggesting a new date for rescheduling a job interview. The important thing here is for you to ask this politely and respectfully. If they give you a positive response, as the recruiter when would it possible for him/her to interview next. Since the recruiter has agreed to give you second chance, be as flexible as possible and try to accommodate their schedule without being too demanding.

Even if you do not get a positive response, stay professional when communicating. Being rude and demanding can close the door permanently for any future communication with the recruiter and you surely do not want that.


Reschedule Interview Email Sample

When you are writing the email or an apology letter to reschedule an interview, ensure you sound professional. You can refer to the reschedule interview email sample below:

Dear <XYZ>,

Please accept my sincere apologies for not being able to attend the interview for the <job title> scheduled for <date>. I was really looking forward to the interview and discussing in more detail the opportunity of working for your organization.

Due to being involved in a car accident <specify your reason>, it would not possible for me to be present for the interview at the scheduled time and date. I request you to reschedule the interview to a further date, as I would still appreciate the opportunity to talk about the job opening.

I am eager to work with your esteemed organization. I hope you will consider my request and reschedule the interview to a later date.

Looking forward to a positive response.


<Your Name>


Turning down an interview when you are looking for a job diligently, is the last thing you want to do. You do not want to lose the opportunity of getting a dream job just because you cannot turn up on the decided date and time. Making a polite request to reschedule the interview via email followed by a sincere phone call should work. Just ensure not to wait until the last minute to inform the recruiter about your inability to attend the interview on the scheduled date.

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