How to Write a Resume for Business Development Manager

As a business development manager, you might have gained expertise in selling company’s products and/or services. But if you are in the process of changing a job, you might need to learn the skill of selling yourself and through your marketing document called the resume.

Right from the number of pages to the formatting steps, every little detail in your resume holds equal importance. What is necessary to know is that you are not the only one targeting the hiring manager. There might be hundreds or even more like you looking for an opportunity.

Therefore, your resume needs to stand out the crowd in a clear systematic way that leaves the best first impression.

Here are few tips that will help you write an excellent resume and will let you sell yourself with ease;


  • Highlight your Selling Skills

If you chose to work as a business development manager, your selling skills should be excellent and your resume should flaunt it. For a marketing job it is mandatory that your resume tells them your story. Put up accomplishments that display these competencies would give the employer a hint towards your abilities.


  • Show Them Achievements

The employers would definitely look for people who have grown and have evolved excellently with time. Use numbers to show them your worth. Phrases that emphasize on your results add value to you as a person and quantify your resume. With words like “generated revenue” and “achieved 100% targets” gives you a strong edge.


  • The Structure is Important

As important is the content of a resume, the structure holds equal importance. In fact as a job seeker you should learn the right trick to play around with details and show them what the best is. Sounds like your job? Doesn’t it?

Well people in business development should have the skills to play around with details and showcase what is best. If you can successfully do that in your resume, you are sure to get shortlisted for the job opening you wish to apply to.


  • Use the Correct Words

Words like initiated, managed, controlled etc. seem extremely attractive to the recruiter. On the other hand use of generalized words like team player, strategist etc. can turn-off the recruiter in a single glance.

So be very careful when you are picking up words for your resume.


resume format for business development manager


Still have some confusion in writing your Resume for Business Development Manager? Get in touch with our resume writing experts for a resume that sells your expertise in this field.


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