How to Write a CV for English Teaching Job Abroad

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Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is a popular career option. Teaching abroad requires you to create a perfect CV that helps you to market your skills in a new country.

How you design and write your CV depends on your background and your job specification.

While putting together all your details, remember to focus on the country, companies that hire you and the job requirements. Highlight your educational details, teaching experience, training, certifications and international job experience, if any.


Guidelines for CV Writing


In general, these important categories should be included in your CV:

–  Name and Contact details – Include this detail at the top of the CV, preferable left aligned.

–  Photo Include a photo that looks professional, as many schools and colleges prefer to hire teachers that look professional. Keep it on the right.

–  Personal details Include the required categories such as career objective, personal detail, left aligned.

–  Education – It is vital to highlight your academic details. Provide the educational credential with degree, year, institute and location. For example, TEFL certified with two years’ experience in teaching English at the University level.

–  Work Experience Mention the relevant work experience with year, position, responsibilities and city. When providing professional details, avoid using abbreviations such as “V.P”, “MGR”, etc. Instead, use “Vice President” or “Manager”.

–  Volunteer Experience Include any other volunteer experience that can add value to your CV like working at institutes to teach poor children, writing for magazines, tutoring, etc.

–  Interests and Experiences You can share your interests that are relevant for the job. For instance- a keen traveler, proficient in speaking English, Arabic, and Spanish.

–  Keep References Ready Keep at least three references ready that can be easily contacted by the employer, if required.

–  Formatting Use simple formatting and avoid complex fonts or graphics.

–  Achievements Mentioning the details of your last job, it is vital to highlight your achievements, for example, created and presented English speaking material in workshops and universities, student enrolment or pass rate increased in several months, etc.

–  Other Details – Do proper research about the job location and accordingly includes other information required, such as citizenship status, marital status, date of birth, and passport photo.

tefl teaching english resume sample

Before you attach your final CV to your email, add a cover letter and  proofread for grammatical mistakes, typo errors or any incorrect information.

Finally, start preparing for that interview call as your CV is going to impress the recruiter!


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5.00 avg. rating (98% score) - 4 votes
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