How To Format Your CV ?

If you have been in the process of job search for quite some time now, you must have now realized the importance of a good CV. It should not only be concise, informative, but also the CV format should look professional to grab recruiters’ attention. When it comes to writing an impressive CV, have you ever wondered why career experts always give more emphasis on choosing a professional CV format for job search? Well, undoubtedly, a good CV template can get you the offer whereas; a bad one can lose you a job opportunity.

Lets understand it this way. Think of a good advertisement that you have seen lately, especially in the print media. Now list out the things that you liked about the ad. While content definitely matters, but do you realize that design of the print ad also caught your attention! Now think of your CV in the similar manner and consider it as an advertisement for your employer. So, now you know the answer!

CV format plays a critical role in making your CV presentable and easy to read for recruiters. The right-sized CV headline, proper spacing, efficient use of bold and italics, and appropriate CV length, everything needs attention.

Best CV Formatting Tips

Here are some quick CV formatting tips that will help your CV to be easily noticed by hiring managers.

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Wondering what it sells?


A standout CV is beyond just content. The CV format plays an important role too. It implies that the CV should be easy to read and understand. A professional CV format implies the right-sized headers, proper spacing, a proper length, effective use of bold and italics and so on and so forth.

Here are some CV formatting tips that will help your CV not to fall in the category of bad.

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How to Place Your Personal Details?

To have the best CV format, your name followed by your contact details should ideally be placed at top left corner of the CV, catching the eye of the employer.

You could add your image on the right hand corner giving yourself a brighter chance of attracting the recruiter through your personality that your image reflects.

P.S: Only use a professional picture if you have to.


How to Make CV Headings Stand Out?

Make the headings bold, but try not to use any color other than black and white. Usage of bright colors will make it difficult for the hiring managers to read your CV and can make you look unprofessional. Using bold, italics and underline are easy methods to pop out the headings. Although just stick to headings for these features. Excessive use of headings doesn’t leave a good impression.

Why CV Templates Matter?

The top half of your CV is the most valuable real estate, so make it count. A good CV should be eye pleasing, simple, clean and must have a sleek aesthetic which sets you apart from other CVs out there.

If you find it difficult to create a perfect CV for you job search, you can choose from free CV templates that are created for job seekers like you and are easily available online. However, you should know how to pick the right CV template that works for you and are ATS-friendly templates.

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Why is it better to Use Bullets?

No one has the time to read stories about your achievements. It is better that you use bullets or short and crisp paragraphs to convey information.

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How to Add a Relevant Career Objective? Career Objective

Avoid using the generalized statements like “seeking a role in an organization where I can grow”. Instead be specific with your goals and mention them in your career objectives. Also, it is always a good idea to use a summary statement, which is basically like an elevator pitch which suggests why you are the best person for a particular job.


Why Customizing Your CV is Important?

Doesn’t it make sense! You should change the title on your CV to match the job requirement so that it catches the eyes. A number of companies these days are using Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to sort the most relevant CVs. For example – if the company is looking for a “Brand Marketing Manager” and you meet the requirements, you must use that title something like “Senior Manager Marketing” or “Manager – Brand Marketing”.


Beat the Bots

Keep this in mind that hiring managers don’t spend much time on your CV. When you upload your CV on any job site or directly on company portal, the ATS scans it for the job specific keywords. These systems work towards whittling down the desired candidates, and eliminating those whose skills don’t match. ATS scan in a vertically, so CVs that are aligned down the center always work.


Never Forget to Proofread

It is human to commit errors and its not a crime. However, it is important that you proof read your CV once by yourself and then get it checked by some other people too. Before sending it around, print a hard copy of the CV and check it thoroughly so that everything goes just perfect. After all, a CV is the most important document for a job search.

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Bonus Tips!

Some general points to remember when drafting a resume:

  • Keep proper spacing of an inch at the borders and between the subheadings and paragraphs
  • Keep a check of font size and style
  • Choose from fonts like Times New Roman, Aerial or Georgia
  • Ascertain that there are no typos on your CV
  • Send it as a pdf or .doc file until specified


All the best for your job search!


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