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You are locked up indoors and are abiding by social distancing protocols laid out by the authorities. One positive angle of this self-quarantine period is a lot of spare time at your disposal! Instead of watching these free hours ticking away, why not revisit your resume? Start off by polishing it with some of the latest and relevant work-from-home related buzzwords to draw HRs! Also, upskill yourself so that you can justify the pointers in your new resume while facing work from home job opportunities in Dubai.


Level up your game by acquiring skills

You can always turn the current
situation into a blessing in disguise! How about using your free time to pick up new professional skills? Skill-related keywords always enhance the quality of a CV. Begin by doing a self-review of your professional skills. Identify visible gaps and prepare a list of action items to close, based on a relevant work-from-home job description you came across. Once the list of skills is ready, start acting on these pointers immediately.


Acquire domain expertise

There are scores of online learning platforms on the internet.
1. So start subscribing to courses of your choice that can help you build domain expertise.
2. If you are not comfortable with the idea of spending money on such courses, simply skim through their free versions.
3. Browsing through courses is a way to access the core content minus a certificate.
4. Once you are done learning, add this to the ‘Skills’ section in your resume. This exercise might land you a work from home interview call from your dream company in Gulf pretty soon!


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Food for thought

Did you know that employers in Gulf prefer to upskill their existing workforce from time to time? Turns out it’s a better strategy than hiring new employees. If you are a professional and are already working from home, keep this in mind. Upgrade your skill sets constantly. That way you can stay ahead of the curve in your career. Besides, upskilling will help you look out for other better opportunities too.


Participate in online events

As you already know, learning is no longer restricted to physical teaching in classrooms and events. As a jobseeker in the competitive Dubai Jobs market, take advantage of the digital era. Reach out to instructors online and start learning from home. Most domain experts and influencers prefer to ‘LIVE stream’ or upload their event videos on YouTube. You can participate in them by registering in advance. You can also download these videos to continue learning offline. Also subscribe to online webcasts, expert masterclasses and blended digital transformation programs. Empower your knowledge now and add all these learnings to your resume. That way you can stand out from the crowd with your newly acquired skills.


Learn together with a friend or a colleague

As the saying goes “Two heads are better than one”. You can always produce better results and push your limits by learning in a group or in pairs. Your solutions will be better that way compared to what either one of you would have produced in silos.

1. Start by picking up a book or a course or a coding puzzle with a friend.
2. Identify potential gaps, errors, mistakes, and bugs that you can discuss with each other.
3. You will notice that together, you will solve the problem or learn a chapter way faster.
4. Also, you can mentor each other mutually and pick up concepts despite the absence of a teacher.
5. Finally, you will learn to collaborate better online and can also add ‘collaboration’ as a soft-skill to your work-from-home resume.


Attend webinars and podcasts

Attend webinars for topical learning from home. These are live audio-cum-video sessions where you can virtually interact with your instructor and audience ‘face-to-face’. In the end, you can share live feedback about the interface. Podcasts are another way to acquire knowledge in various topics at your own pace from home. These pre-recorded audio files can be downloaded for offline learning as well. Try searching iTunes for podcasts on a particular topic and access them instantly.


Be social savvy

Finally, polish your knowledge on social media too! Start by tracking industry thought leaders and the latest advances in your domain.
If you liked the points discussed above, add them to your skill-game list. Try to accomplish most of these goals and add the results as brownie points to your resume. Once your resume is refurbished to your heart’s content, start applying to work from home job opportunities in Gulf.
Your ultimate goal is to be visible in the recruiter’s eye and get priority in a sea of mediocre resumes. You should be ‘the best fit’ for a relevant work-from-home job opening in the Gulf market. Points enlisted above will not only help you accomplish Your ultimate goal is to be visible in the recruiter’s eye and get priority in a sea of mediocre resumes. You should be ‘the best fit’ for a relevant work-from-home job opening in the Gulf market. Points enlisted above will not only help you accomplish new skills and reach your ultimate goal of revamping the resume but also get noticed minus any scope of error. Nevertheless, this exercise will also boost the overall quality of your work from home job application.

All the best!

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