How to Write a Salary Certificate Sample, Salary Certificate Format?

Salary Certificate

There are times when the employees ask their employers for a salary certificate. Now, the finance department sends a salary slip every month once the salary is paid out to the employee. The purpose of a salary slip is completely different from that of a salary certificate, about which we will talk about in one of the upcoming segment in this article. But before that, let us first understand–



What is a Salary Certificate?

A salary certificate is an official document which is issued to an employee upon request by the employer. The document contains the employee’s total monthly earnings, total monthly deductions, salary break-ups and a summary of net salary received by him/her during the month.

To put it simply, a salary certificate is a verification document from the employer that is capable of furnishing information regarding the employee’s regular income, financial position, the position held in the company, and identification details.


Why do Employees need a Salary Certificate?

Salary certificates are usually required by employees who are looking to take some sort of a loan. Submitting this document is often mandatory for the employees so that the bank can verify the income and gauge their ability to pay back the loan. Therefore, employers have to issue such salary certificates upon demand from the employee.


A Simple Salary Certificate Format

Most HR professionals have to issue a salary certificate to employees upon their request and often wonder how to write a salary certificate. Here’s a sample of a simple salary certificate format one can use:


[Company Letter Head]                                                                                                                [Email ID]

[Contact Number]

Salary Certificate Letter

Signature of the employee

This is to certify that Mr. /Ms. [Employee Name], a holder of [Nationality], [Identification Number] residing at [Employee Address] is working with [Company Name] since [Date, Month & Year of Joining]. S/he is a permanent employee of the company and is serving as [Designation] in the [Department Name]. Currently, s/he is drawing a monthly salary as per the following breakup:

Gross Salary (AED) Deductions (AED)
Basic Pay xxxxx Deduction 1 xxx
DA xxxxx Deduction 2 xxx
HRA xxxxx Deduction 3 xxx
Medical Allowance xxxxx Others/Misc. xxx
Others/Misc. xxxxx Total (2) xxxx
Total (1) xxxxxx
Net Salary (1-2) xxxxxx
Net Salary AED [Insert the amount in words]

This certificate is issued to Mr. /Ms. [Employee Name] on his/her specific request.


Authorized Person’s Signature [with date]


[Company’s Full Address]

[Phone Number]


A salary certificate should be simple and easy. It should contain all the details of the money the employee is earning each month. At times, an employee may require some other information added in the certificate or need the information in a different format altogether, so be ready to customize. Whatever format the employee may need, the information usually remains more or less the same as shown in the sample shared above.


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