Engineering Jobs in Qatar: Scope and Employment Prospects

Engineering Jobs in Qatar

Located amid the western coast of the Arabian Gulf, the state of Qatar is a peninsula which consists of a number of islands. The island country is considered to be one of the richest countries in the Middle East. According to International Monetary Fund (IMF [1]), Qatar ranked as the 3rd richest country in the world in 2017. The findings were based on the Gross Domestic Product data recorded for countries around the world.

The credit for Qatar being one of the richest countries goes majorly to its oil & gas industry. The country has been banking on its oil reserves ever since they were first discovered. This reflected positively in the employment scenario of the industry, especially for engineering professionals. However, given the non-renewable nature of the natural resources and subsequent decrease in its oil and gas reserves, the country was concerned about the future of its economy. To tackle this problem, the government decided to focus more on promoting its non-oil sectors thereby expanding the employment prospects for its people, both expats and nationals. As a result, the scope of engineering as a profession has also expanded.

Here’s a list of some old and new engineering fields offering great employment opportunities in the country:


1. Oil & Gas: Being one of the oldest sectors, oil and gas industry offers lucrative employment opportunities to Petroleum and Chemical Engineers. The annual salary for a Petroleum Engineer and a Chemical Engineer may range between QAR 70,960 – 1,293,071 and QAR 125,000 – 1,081,417 respectively.

You can check out current job openings for Petroleum Engineers here and Chemical Engineers here.


2. Power: The power industry is one of the upcoming industries in Qatar. The country offers great employment opportunities to Electrical Engineers specializing in power generation and supply. The annual salary for an Electrical Engineer ranges between QAR 39,453 – 286,421.

You can check out current job openings for Electrical Engineers here.


3. Infrastructure: The country has taken many initiatives to improve its overall infrastructure. The same is evident from the futuristic skyscrapers that adorn the city of Doha. The country offers great employment opportunities to Civil Engineers. The annual salary for people in this profession ranges between QAR 40,645 – 353,977.

You can check out current job openings for Civil Engineers here.


4. Information Technology: Information Technology is one field that has taken the entire world by storm. Given the technological boom across the globe, Qatar is also witnessing an increase in the employment prospects for Software Engineers who can expect to earn somewhere around QAR 54,362 – 364,923 annually.

You can check out current job openings for Software Engineers here.


Apart from these industries, the demand for Engineers is high in various non-technical roles also. Due to their strong technical knowledge, engineers are hired by various companies, dealing in technical products, to assist in their customer service departments. Software Engineers with a flair for writing also have the option of getting into technical writing. They can even get into software testing as the role requires one to find bugs and suggesting ways to improve the UI/UX of software/applications.

These are just a few branches of engineering that are gaining popularity in the country. With time, we can expect more fields to emerge.

If you are currently looking for an engineering job in any of the above-mentioned fields in Qatar, follow these job search tips to get hired quickly:

1. Develop a job search strategy with a proper plan of action. Start with deciding what you want in your new job. Next, research about the companies that are hiring currently. Analyze your requirements against the hiring company’s requirements and then decide whether or not to apply for a particular job.

2. Recruiters and hiring managers nowadays use Application Tracking System (ATS) to shortlist CVs and job applications. Therefore, read the job description carefully and ensure to add relevant keywords to your CV. Follow this practice for every job that you apply for to make your CV as ATS friendly as possible.

3. Get the word out regarding your job search plans in your network. Reach out to your ex-colleagues, friends and relatives and ask them to keep you informed about relevant job openings whenever they can.

4. Thoroughly research about the company and job role before appearing for a job interview. Nothing impresses the recruiters and hiring managers more than a job candidate who has done his/her homework well. It shows that the candidate is genuinely interested in the job.

5. No matter what, do not forget to follow up with the hiring manager after the interview is done. Send them a ‘Thank You’ mail for considering your profile and utilize this communication to ask that by when they will get back to you with the final decision.

Qatar offers lucrative employment opportunities to skilled and qualified engineers. Ensure doing everything in your power to grab the best opportunity.


All the best!


Salary figures are estimates taken for the year 2017. Actual figures may vary from company to company and also depends on the number of years of experience.

[1] The IMF is a global organization aimed at developing global monetary cooperation, safeguarding financial stability, simplifying international trade, encouraging employment and sustainable economic growth, and plummeting poverty across the globe. The organization is governed by and accountable to 188 countries across the globe.


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