How to Seal the Deal in a Job Interview

Job seekers round the globe often boggle their heads over the right way to leave a long lasting impression on an interviewer.

Well, the deal is simple, it’s all a matter of a few basics ensured. All you have to do is bother enough to carry out a thorough research about the company and work on your transferable skills. It is no rocket science working on the communication aspect and on one’s body language as well. Agreed that being purposeful and efficient in your subject matter expertise adds the most, but it should be made presentable at the same time.

Things like being clear while answering, asking relevant questions from time-to-time and sharing your experiences as per the atmosphere in the room hold some ground as well. These make you an efficient communicator, a skill most employers would be hiring for in 2016.

Other significant factors include:

  Undergoing a thorough pre-interview research

 Dressing right for the occasion

  Cleaning up your social media profiles beforehand

  Not speaking ill of the former employer

However, a fact that binds all of these is staying confident over the surface and creating a positive rapport with the employer.

It’s the blend which creates magic. The infographic below deals with some subtleties in the same regard.


Infographic seal the deal in a job interview

Seal the Deal in a Job Interview


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