Here’s the Secret to How You Can Accelerate Your Career Progression

Career Progression

Planning career advancement is ‘easier said than done’. However, to make it ‘easier done than said”, here’s the secret to planning your career progression.

Let’s take a look at some of the concrete steps that can help you to pick up the pace for your career growth:


1. Pursuing Exciting Goals

Having a vision acts as a catalyst in career development plan. Working on career goals that matter in achieving success in life keeps you on the right track. Having stimulating goals not only excite you to learn new skills but also improve career avenues. Remember, having a strong and clear goal is the secret to getting ahead. Hence, create a roadmap for setting goals and achieve them step-by-step.


2. Reviewing Your Goals

Setting goals is not enough. Obviously you need to keep focus on reviewing and adjusting them at every stage. Measuring progress and accessing success is vital for setting the new goals and achieving the desired results. Once you start keeping a record of your accomplishments, planning career becomes easier and effective.


3. Keeping Focus on Results

Many people keep their focus on the ‘time’ invested in a work rather than its ‘result’. The successful employees keep their attention on delivering results rather than counting the number of hours spent. The end result matters the most in defining your overall growth.


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4. Leveraging Your Network

Expanding and giving more time to networking makes a noticeable difference in exploring new career opportunities. The people in your network can prove to be the best resource in identifying the better job opportunities by simply staying in touch with them. Career networking should not only be discounted when looking for a new job. Rather, making it a part of your daily activity is crucial for your future career endeavors. You can always network with your present or past colleagues, clients, managers, alumni and friends.


5. Learning to Manage Conflicts

In the corporate scenario where different people have different opinions, goals and interests, it is common to meet situations that create conflicts. Employees focused on achieving career progression know the importance of managing these conflicts at the right time. Conflict resolution helps you to focus on positive things, thus taking your overall performance to much higher levels.


6. Knowing Your Job Market

Building a promising career demands a thorough knowledge of the job market because a job that seems promising today might turn unfruitful tomorrow. Therefore, in order to take your career to the right direction, research and review the latest job trends in your field of work. This helps you to prepare and acquire the required skills, apart from building your unique selling proposition.


7. Acquiring Knowledge

In today’s competitive job market, change is the only constant thing. To achieve more in life, you need to add more credentials into your CV. It goes without saying that exploring more education or training opportunities can bring benefits for your career growth by promoting new understanding, skills and knowledge. Hence, take time to learn online or find other career enhancing, short-term learning programs. Never stop learning!


8. Coming Out of the Comfort Zone

Many people never think about accepting changes in their present job as they fear to come out of their comfort zone created around the current situation. Getting wrapped up in your present job title or role limits you to explore new opportunities. Researching career paths create a scenario where you can see your visions actually turning into realities. Well, you never know what awaits you outside your comfort zone.

Once you start planning and reviewing these holistic steps towards achieving career development, you will find your career progressing in the right direction. So, keep exploring!

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