Secrets to Hire Great Employees


Is your recruiting process is costing you way more than it should? Well, it is no reason to fret or crib about; hiring has always been a tricky business. Be it keeping a track of all the time invested or sourcing new talent pool, optimal productivity is all that pays during the employment cycle.

It is often said that bringing in new employees is a responsibility every member of the workforce should shoulder, but in reality it’s all about keeping it timely and choosing the right fit.

So, how do you go about making an effective hire, one that proves productive in the long run?

Let’s open the secrets to hire great people for your organization.


Secret 1- Start With Some Market Research

It all starts with research, be it any sphere of running an organization you deal with. Of course, you know your industry in and out. But staying up-to-date regarding the hiring trends in your sector, along with the kinds of candidate pools that exist in the market is something that would any day help you with an efficient recruitment strategy.

You have a zillion job search portals and other online sources at your disposal. Adding to the same, read the market in and out to ensure that the job board you opt and suppliers chosen are right for the industry and your company. It shouldn’t only be gut instincts and face value to count, but market revenue and coverage associated as well.


Secret 2- Have a Buffer Talent Pool Ready

One of the most efficient ways to save time and energy during the process is having side options from the get-go. It’s always better than getting stuck up in the conventional approach of catching up with your network and sourcing candidates like counting peanuts. You know that the year-end is approaching and employees are always ready to make a switch, why not begin your search way before the job order steps in!

What might help is having an internal database of candidates, a thing that ensures high quality in the talent available for hiring. A research has proven the fact a majority of employers have quenched their hiring requirements using internal databases only.

Stay on an active lookout to source for high-potential talent. Moreover, there are ample online platforms and communities to help you get in touch with job seekers having the skills you need for the role. Make a move and grasp it before anyone does!


Secret 3- Effective Inbound Marketing to Help your Case

There are a number of instances when your brand is going all viral over the social media and promoting the products and services the company provides. The idea is, why not use the same marketing prowess to promote the kind of job vacancies you are offering!

      inbound hiring                                                   

If there’s anything that can help you with working on your dysfunctional team that is an equal share of hiring responsibility amongst your employees as well. Let them help you find the best fit from amongst their networks.

Having gained the hang of work culture and work environment in your company, they would always find the most appropriate fit for the role. Talking on the lines of inbound marketing, make sure your website includes a separate section on careers.

Create a sense of what it’s like to work in the organization. You can always incorporate practices like having brief bios from previous employees, wherein they share their experiences and attributes they likes about the company.


Secret 4- Keep a Minimalistic Approach during Application Process

It’s a straight and simple case, more the number of job applications you have, more are the chances of making an efficient hire. Obviously, if the prospective employee is forced to ruffle through a zillion info pages before even submitting his resume, there’s quite a good chance that you lose him there and then. The candidates you are searching for are highly-skilled, which implements the fact of them having ample options already. Making the application process cumbersome, you might just lose out on the best candidates. However, keeping it simple would only add to your sample space.

Adding to the same, use social media to receive the maximum number of applications for the role you need to fill. Facebook and Twitter are great tools to let the world know you are hiring. Even if your followers don’t identify with the job role, providing the application link would enable them to share the opening at least. Keep it simple, keep it accessible!

It’s all a game of making the right tap at the right time. Talent is immense to find. All you require is tad patience with persistence in your hiring efforts. The global market has great things to be unlocked.

Happy Hiring!


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