How to Know If It Is Time to Change Your Job?

Time to Quit Your Job

There are good days and there are bad days at work. Then there are days when you just don’t feel motivated enough to go to the office. In extreme cases, the fight to somehow get to the office has to be fought every day. That’s when you start thinking about changing your job. Different people may have different reasons for considering a job change. While some are not satisfied with their current job role, salary, work culture, or boss, some simply want to try their hands on something new.

Does all this sound too familiar to you? Are you constantly faced with a dilemma, whether to stay or quit your job?

If your answer to one or both of the questions is yes, it is high-time you give some serious thought to actually quitting your job. After all, you should have a valid reason backing your decision as to why you should change your job.

Therefore, weigh your situation deeply and thoroughly before taking any decision. And while you are at it, pay attention to the signs explained in the illustrations below. These will definitely help you take the final call.

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5 Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job & Look For A New One


Sign #1 – You can do your job even in your sleep

Signs To Quit Your Job

– You have been doing the same kind of work every day for years now

– The job neither adds value nor helps you learn a new skill(s)

– Your work is monotonous and you feel bored at the workplace


Sign #2 – You dread going to the office each day

Time To Quit Your Job

– You are terrified of your boss

– Being in office actually feels like you have been imprisoned

– When at work, you cannot wait to leave for home


Sign #3 – You don’t have a personal life

Reasons for Job Change


– You feel overworked and are usually the last one to leave the office

– You answer emails and take calls even after work as well as on the weekends

– You don’t remember the last time you went on a vacation


Sign #4 – Your job has started affecting your health

Reasons to Change Your Job

– You are stressed and always exhausted due to negative emotions

– You don’t look forward to the new day

– Getting out of the bed every day to go to office is a real struggle


Sign #5 – The company is headed towards layoffs

Time to Change Your Job

– You are not in the loop in most conversations and that feels intentional

– Talks about cost-cutting have been doing rounds in the office for quite some time


If you relate to one or more signs mentioned above, then it’s time to leave your job and look for a new one. You can find more advice on job search here.

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