How to Be an Effective Marketing Manager

Ever seen an advertisement and decided to buy a gadget or a shoe or a cola? Ever wondered who has put in the brains to convince you to buy these products? A marketing manager is responsible for creating strategies that helps an organization meet its sales targets and earn profits. The job profile of a marketing manager includes determining a target audience and make ways to reach them and make them buy. Read more to know about the roles and responsibilities of a marketing manager and some tips to be an effective manager.


Marketing Manager Responsibilties

Are you looking forward to become a marketing manager? Then this fact would definitely make you smile. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, marketing manager employment is expected to see a growth of 12.7% in between 2012 and 2022 in the US alone. The scenario is no different for any other country as the main force that keeps an organization running is the revenue that is generated through different marketing strategies. Talking about the Indian market, the Indian advertising industry (a part of marketing) is estimated to be rupees 63,000 crore. This value is shared by both print and television.

These numbers make it clear that the demand for professionals here is only going to rise. Regarded as one of the best paying jobs, a marketer manager has huge incentives as well as pay to fill in their pockets. In the Middle East countries as well, the demand for marketing managers is high and so is the salary. The following graph shows the pay cycle for a marketing jobs in Dubai:


pay scale for marketing manager


The average salary for someone working as a marketing manager is 203,381 D per annum which increases steadily as the experience rises.


Who is a Marketing Manager?

Some in an organization whose primary task is to manage the marketing resources of a business or a product. The roles of a marketing manager can vary from being associated with a single brand or a product. Depending on the size of a business there can be one or more marketing managers in a single organization.


What does a Marketing Manager Do?

These professionals are creative individuals responsible for creating the brand/product image of the employer. All this could include print media, television advertisements, endorsements, public speaking engagements, social media presence and printed literature.

Also, as a marketing manager you could be involved in determining the marketability of a new service or a product.


How to be Effective?

You just one day know the numbers and decide this is a lucrative field and has great growth. There is a certain skill set that is required to be successful in any particular field. Strong communication, presentation and sales skills are a must for this profile. Other than these the five must have skills for a marketing manager are:


1.  Critical Thinking

The ability to analyse situations and at the same time determine their validity is one of the basic requirements that marketing professionals need to build their careers. Creative thinking and hence problem solving are all a part of critical thinking. This is something that every organization expects from a marketing manager.


2.  Project Management

Simple or complex, long-term or short-term, in businesses today you do not have to be a project manager to deal with certain projects. Marketing Managers need to sharpen their project management skills in order to meet the goals of the organization (remember goal oriented persons).


3.  Analytical Skills

To be a successful marketing manager you should start building your analytical skills. Recognizing customer behaviour and pick-up on trends and patterns that help you to lead better and achieve success.


4.  Technical Skills

Technology has and will continue to advance and will always influence the process of marketing strategies within an organization. Being technology friendly you could help the organization increase customer engagement. You will be able to meet the needs better through user-friendly apps and other tools that keep you connected with your customers.


5.  General Approach

An integrated approach in the organization will help you maintain relationships between all the departments and in the end will help the manager to work and manage effectively.


The Middle East Job Market

The job market of UAE is on a roll, all thanks to a stable economy and steady flow of investments. The job seekers have a good reason to rejoice as the Emirates are all set to invite them for a job opportunity. Companies in the UAE have demands for every sector in the economy. From sales to construction, each sector in the UAE experiences greater job market.


What Middle-East has in Store for Marketing Managers?

The UAE job market is experiencing a boom unlike most of the parts across the globe. Demand for professionals in every field is high and with consistent rising and improving economy, the country has more opportunities for the expats as well as for the locals. In the first quarter of 2015, 35% of the companies hired new talent majorly in fields of sales, marketing and construction.

The presence of a number of multinational companies in the UAE also attracts the momentum of recruitment. This is one of the reasons why marketing managers have a potential to grow in these countries.


On the Concluding Note

Marketing is a cutthroat field and people associated with the field always require to be updated with the latest. As a marketer you should always be involved in enhancing your skills and keep yourself head and shoulders above your competition.

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