How to stay productive while working from home

Amid the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, almost all the professionals across the globe are advised to work from home. Since not all of us are used to this style of working, it might not be an easy transition. What is important during this time is to stay productive and do not slump. If you are finding yourself procrastinating, here are some tips that will help you get started:

1. Set up a desk space

Start with a desk, as you definitely need to have a dedicated workplace. Establish a separate work environment and conduct your official work from there. Trust, it is definitely going to make a huge difference! Psychologically too, it will create a distinction between work and family responsibilities. It will reduce distractions too!
Further, let it has some life. Do not make it boring with files and papers spread all over. If you can, keep some fresh flowers.

2. Be equipped with technology

Working only via emails may add to social isolation. So, make the most of the technology during this time. Keep a provision for conducting face-to-face meetings via video conferencing tools like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc. It also offers you to communicate effectively with the concerned team members. It will also help you to check quickly for messages in case you are on a break.

3. List down your key tasks

Don’t miss out on your to-do list. It surely comes handy to set priorities and acts as a great road map to stay productive. Also while working from home, it is important that you follow the standard operating procedures recommended by your organization. This will help you collaborate effectively and remain productive.

4. Keep interacting with your colleagues

Since we all are used to seeing and interacting with our colleagues almost every day; social distancing at first may look like a problem. Well, reach out to your colleagues, call them, discuss your day with them, see how others are doing it, or simply share a laugh! That would help you stay in sync with your peers and friends the same way you do in the office.

5. Work in chunks of time

Don’t behave as a robot while working from home. Move around your home, take breaks. There is no compulsion for you to stay still all day. A break time will help you increase your effectiveness as well as keep your wellbeing in check.

Finally yet importantly, stay safe and stay healthy. We all together can prevent the virus from spreading.

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