3 Steps to a Perfect Job Search

If you are in the job search process for a time now, you are very well aware that the process gives you many hiccups. At times, your first application can win you the job. But more often you have to slag and wait before you land up a job interview. Well, getting the interview call from your very first job application means luck has strongly favoured you. Keeping the ‘luck’ aside, if you follow the three step process, you will be able to quicken your job search.

How do you search for a job?

You login to job websites, create job alerts, find the right openings, apply and then wait for the recruiter to call.

Or you look for the job, connect directly with the hiring manager and walk for an interview.

In both cases, the approach is right. But what if you do not get a call back? Or the hiring manager just ignores your call and diverts you to the HR department. This could happen if you are randomly make calls or randomly apply to job ads.

There is a process and if you follow the process you can smoothly land up to the job you have been looking for. The three step process includes

job search process


You have to be prepared for a job search. You can say the being prepared is the key to a successful job search. To start a job search you will have to be clear on your goals and what you want to do next. Accordingly your preparations would start. Start with some legwork. The groundwork could take some time in the beginning, but will help you spare a lot of time and frustration later. Start with:

1.  Creating Job Goals
2.  Drafting a perfect resume and cover letter
3.  Create an Online Brand for yourself
4.  Prepare an elevator pitch
5.  Think of references



The important phase of identifying and pursuing new job leads that match your job goals as well as your skill set is the search phase. What is important here is to use multiple methods of finding and applying for a job.

1.   Refer to online job sites that have multiple features that help you find the right job. With features like job alerts on mobile or e-mail, you can always keep yourself updated with the new openings.

2.  Secondly, make ways to find the “hidden jobs”. Hidden jobs are those openings that are not published anywhere and can be tapped through references.

3.  When applying keep in mind to alter your job application letter each time you are applying for a job. Incorporate key terms from the job description for a better response.

The second step of search includes utilising your network. When looking at the networks identify your contacts who can help you reach your defined goals. Whether in your field or not, you should always be ready to make contacts. You never know a reference can help you.


Take Action

This stage of your job search is the beginning of your actual search where you start evaluating the job leads and take actions with all of the above mentioned groundwork done. As you apply, you receive offers for interviews and you try to close the deal. It is important that you remain motivated all this while. There can be rejections, offers that you do not like and some weird experiences at interviews.

The closing stage in itself has four steps:

1.  Preparing for an interview
2.  Pitching your skills
3.  Learning how to negotiate salary
4.  Successfully completing the first 90 days of on boarding

Learn about professional etiquette and work etiquette before you join a company.

steps to search job

In the End

As stressful as it is to be on a job, finding a job can be equally stressful. Most of you will go through this experience more than once and at times they will be experiences that you never want to mention.

Hence, it is a good idea to prepare for a job search as enthusiastically as you would look for a job as it is a crucial part of a job search process. A job search requires you to stay alert, manage your stress, draft an impressive resume and cover letter, assess your priorities, getting organized, dealing with finances, learning about the job market, get a hang of the interview process and some professional and workplace etiquette.

Following up with the recruiters and getting to know the status of your application is a must.

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