6 Tips to Learn New Skills for Your Career Development

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Learning should not end when one’s school or college comes to an end. It should be continued lifelong as life keeps teaching us something or the other as long as we live. This holds true in the case of one’s professional life as well. With the ever-changing demands of the current-age jobs, it can be said that learning is the key to one’s career development.

Jobs these days are so demanding that employees get little to no time for self-development and enhancement of skills. With new technologies emerging, the areas of development for employees keep adding up. To stay ahead of the others, it is important to keep enhancing your skills and the best career development plan or career guidance one can give you is learning new skills.

As we age and get busy in our lives, it becomes difficult to commit ourselves to learn a new skill. To help you get back to the learning phase, outlined below are the six steps that could be of some use:


Learn New Skills with these Tips to Grow & Develop Your Career


  1. Tip #1. Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Developing yourself for a brighter future requires you to strive for yourself to move out of the daily routine and find new opportunities. When you do something for long you become a master in it. However, you also become comfortable in your role and won’t even realize when this comfort turns into complacency which is not good for your career development. In your organization, figure out the key business areas and network with the people associated. Look at every angle objectively and decide to pick one up and work on the same religiously. Find a way where you can help a business unit achieve its goals faster, cheaper or with greater efficiency.

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  1. Tip #2. Ensure to Make Time

When you take up something additional on your plate, time needs to be managed effectively. Your day job will take up most of your time. So, you really need to figure out how you can take out time to explore new opportunities without hampering your present schedule. Just as you motivate yourself to the gym every day because you know it’s good for you, motivate yourself to learn new things every day as it good for your career development. Remember, learning is a habit and habits can be formed in a matter of a few weeks. Do your daily tasks to the best of your ability, but also make time to learn and evolve.

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  1. Tip #3. Be Ready to Take Risks

Small risks at times can help you do big things. Take risk challenges your brain and shakes you out of your comfort zone. You then don’t hesitate to go out, meet new people, ask questions about something that you don’t know and take up projects that are not what you have been doing so far. Taking risks in your professional life will bring you fulfillment as you will be on your toes learning & acquiring new skills and taking charge of your career development in your own hands.

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  1. Tip #4. Strategize Your Task List

Sometimes it may happen that you have the zeal to learn yet you fail to do all that you wish to in a single day. You planned your day well and but completing each task turned out to be really time-consuming. It could be because you failed to strategize your day leading to the poor execution of your plan. Most people confuse planning and execution with strategy. A strategy is not how you do a task; it is what can be done to make things more efficient and less time-consuming. You can do this by observing people who are pros at getting more done in less time. Find and follow important people, brush up your basics of business knowledge and then strategize your work. This is one skill that will definitely help you in developing your career.

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  1. Tip #5. Ask for New Work

Be ready to work on new opportunities without the monetary benefits. You may have to build new skills and learn the new work completing before you are moved completely to the new role with the monetary attached to it. What’s important for your career development is to be open to taking more and new work to grow your skills. Once, you have the learnings and the skills to manage a project outside your core area, you can confidently ask for monetary benefits as well.

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  1. Tip #6. Take up Short-Term Online Course

Once you have decided what kind of work or responsibilities you want to take on, invest some time in researching what skills exactly you need to do that kind of work. Next, research where you can learn these skills from. These days, there are tons of good material and online courses available that you can enroll yourself into and start learning from the comfort of your home. Taking a short-term online course is the easiest and fastest way to learn new skills and contribute to your own career development.


Bonus Quick Tips

To create new opportunities and contribute to your career growth, always remember the following:

    • Take the charge of your career

    • Take risks

    • Know your strengths, weaknesses, passion, and skills

    • Don’t limit yourself to just what you have been doing or what you know

    • Be imaginative

    • Analyze situations from every angle and make sound decisions

  • — Be ready to take what life throws at you with open arms


On a Concluding Note – Keep Learning!

Learning is a process that should never end. Always have the eagerness to learn each day and achieve new things. In the end, it all comes to taking concrete actions. Take charge of your career and make opportunities work for you. If you are active and always looking, the right opportunities will come to you. It has a lot to do with the way you think.

When you think of opportunities as mediums to learn and grow, they will help you do the same. If you see them as difficulties, your growth as a professional will stop.


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