Signs That Layoffs are Just Around the Corner at Your Workplace

You love your job and give your best at the workplace. You are praised by your supervisors and admired by the subordinates for all the efforts you put in. Everything is going well at the work front. However, it does …
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Here’s the Secret to How You Can Accelerate Your Career Progression

Career Progression

Planning career advancement is ‘easier said than done’. However, to make it ‘easier done than said”, here’s the secret to planning your career progression. Let’s take a look at some of the concrete steps that can help you to pick …
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Answering the Interview Question – Why Should We Hire You?

Why Should We Hire You

  The moment is finally here when all your job search efforts are just about to pay right. It surely gives you some nerves, but this is that one instance that will determine your fate with this company, if it …
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5 Steps to Find a Job in Tough Times

  Wherever you go on the globe, there’s a cut-throat competition wailing in the job market. The reason is quite obvious, the number of qualified candidates is increasing by the day, yet organizations remain selective in terms of hiring the …
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How to Prepare For Your Annual Performance Appraisals Review

Performance review is that time of the year when every employee starts documenting his work progression to be presented in the one-on-one discussion with his boss. If your performance appraisal is just around the corner, it’s the time to prepare …
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The Scope of Marketing Jobs in the UAE

Well-positioned and creating job opportunities every single day, UAE continues to be a favourite location for job seekers to top the list of most attractive countries to work in. Despite of some uncertainties and tumbling oil prices, UAE has a …
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