Overcoming the Top Expatriate Concerns and Mitigating Risk of Expat Failure

A great number of companies are establishing subsidiaries, offices and operating bases outside their countries. Managing these offices require multinationals to send their executives or managers to these foreign locations, where they work as expatriates. As the wave of globalization …
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11 Simple Tips to Improve Self Confidence at Work

Tips to Improve Self Confidence

Your self-confidence is most needed at your work place, to grow and become a part of the organization. But the irony is that it is the place where you are is the place where you have the minimum of it. …
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How to Get Your Resume Past the System and Into Human Hands

  It often happens that landing an interview with an organization of your dreams seems impossible without any internal connections that vouch for your candidacy. Even if you seem to apply, your resume always gets chucked out by the blunt …
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Tips for a midlife career transition!

Midlife Career Change

It’s only a matter of time before we start facing the heat of a mid-life career crisis in our jobs. It’s rarely a sudden development, instead it starts sneaking in slowly but definitely. Workplace politics, burnout, self-doubt, ego clashes, a …
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Finding a job in tough times!

If you have started to feel a bit anxious about your career prospects these days, you’re certainly not alone! In the throes of what seems to be a global economic slump, several employers across industries are tightening their belts and …
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Explaining an Employment Gap

Employment Gap

No matter how striking your career progression has been or how many awards you have won, the age old saying is true: “You’re only as good as your last sale.” Even if you have all the qualifications and skills required …
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