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Asking for More Work Responsibilities from the Boss: Why and How?

While moving ahead in our professional lives, we are so much occupied with stress of meeting targets, that the idea of professional growth often gets ignored. And we generally end up running away from higher responsibilities, rather than looking forward …
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Tips for Working Women to Overcome Workplace Challenges in the Gulf

  Women are the agents of development and their contribution to a nation’s progress is as important as that of the men. Despite that, the gender gap in the workplace is a global issue. According to the United Nations Statistics …
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How to Stand Out at Your Current Job and Advance Your Career?

  The internet is full of articles offering career advice to job seekers. But what about people who are not looking for a job change currently. There is not enough spoken about advancing one’s career while you are in the …
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Here’s the Secret to How You Can Accelerate Your Career Progression

Career Progression

Planning career advancement is ‘easier said than done’. However, to make it ‘easier done than said”, here’s the secret to planning your career progression. Let’s take a look at some of the concrete steps that can help you to pick …
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5 Ways to Manage Disappointments in Your Career

More often employees face a tough situation wherein they believe that all their efforts are not paying rewards and they are stuck in a wrong career. They start questioning themselves, “Am I in a right career?” or “Is there any …
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How to Be an Effective Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager Responsibilities

Ever seen an advertisement and decided to buy a gadget or a shoe or a cola? Ever wondered who has put in the brains to convince you to buy these products? A marketing manager is responsible for creating strategies that …
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