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Applying For Jobs in the UAE? Here’s What Employers Look For in a Cover Letter

UAE Job Cover Letter

Most job seekers underestimate the power of a cover letter because they focus too much on making their CVs perfect. CV is undoubtedly importance but the cover letter is equally important. An employer will make an effort to read your …
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Top Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

Cover Letters can be tricky business. Not many are a fan of cover letters yet there are many who would debate over their importance. While there are many hiring managers who don’t even bother to read a cover letter, there …
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Why is a Cover Letter Important?

Ruffling through a zillion webpages just so that you are well-prepared to present yourself in the job market, things are on the verge of reaching fatigue in different aspects. Right from the tried and tested conventional methods of job search, …
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14 Essential Parts of an Awesome Cover Letter

  A new job search process begins with gauging your market value. The excitement of sending out details mostly dampens with the thought of sending out complete information with introductory cover letter. It is quite clear that you need to …
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Get Hired: 7 Things to Do in Your Cover Letter

Write Cover Letter

Looking forward to impress a hiring manager? It is said that a cover letter can be more intimidating than a resume and can show the manager what he is expecting to look. But cover letters can also be misleading if …
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6 Ways to Simplify your Job Search: Is it Really Possible?

Ways to Simplify your Job Search

Considering the current economic downtown in most of the global corporations, a number of professionals in a wide variety of fields have been rendered jobless by the ruthless cost cutting procedures and talent liquidation practices going rampant throughout the world. …
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