Covid 19 and Careers

Job Search Tips for Middle Level Managers

job search tips for manager level employee

Mid-level professionals have been in the workforce for years and have a fair idea regarding what works for them and what does not; be it the kind of the industry, job profile, company culture, or the company. They must make …
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How to cope with stress during the current crisis?

Stress Management Tips

The current situation has changed the way we all used to work. The new normal includes flexible working conditions including work from home, practicing social distancing, and keeping yourself safe and healthy. However, fear and anxiety about the crisis can …
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Work-from-home tips for working mothers

The Covid-19 crisis has made all of us adjust to new and unfamiliar conditions, especially the working parents who now have to navigate the changes to their usual routine as well as workflow. A majority of them are now working …
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How to Ace a Panel Interview Online like a Pro

The coronavirus pandemic situation is currently making companies more and more dependent on remote interviews. As a result, candidates like you have to be savvy with video interview tactics more than ever. This post is a curation of some of …
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Improve Work-Life Balance While Working From Home

work life balance

Your employer has recently laid out new WFH rules. And you have only just realized that maintaining some semblance of balance between work and home can be challenging right now. Luckily, flexibility is a great benefit of working from home. …
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Resume Tips to Land Work from Home Jobs

work from home requirements

You are locked up indoors and are abiding by social distancing protocols laid out by the authorities. One positive angle of this self-quarantine period is a lot of spare time at your disposal! Instead of watching these free hours ticking …
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