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How To Format Your CV ?

If you have been in the process of job search for quite some time now, you must have now realized the importance of a good CV. It should not only be concise, informative, but also the CV format should look …
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Top 8 CV Formatting Tips for More Job Interviews

There’s a lot that has been written about getting the message of your CV right (read CV writing tips), not enough has been written about getting the CV format right. Most people don’t realize this but how you present information …
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Some Tips to Create a Strong and Professional Teacher’s CV

Teachers carry the greatest responsibility on their shoulders, which is teaching the new generations and preparing them for the future. Teachers not just impart education, but they also transmit values, foster empathy and establish relationships of contention with students who often spend …
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Make Your Resume Stand Out, Create an Impressive Job Description Segment

It does not matter what job profile you are into, once you start looking for a job, you become a marketer. The moment you start looking for a new job, you need a number of ways through which you can …
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How To Write a Professional CV for Jobs in UAE in 2021?

CV format for UAE

It usually takes only 6-10 seconds for a recruiter to scan a CV to decide whether a candidate is fit for a job or not. Therefore, you only have that much time to hook the prospective employers to your CV. …
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A Quick Checklist before You Accept a Job Offer

accepting job offer

Searching for a job is not always easy! Researching companies, sending out tailored resumes and attending interviews are both exhausting and time-consuming. But like any other job seeker, you sure get ecstatic and relieved when your efforts pay off and …
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