Revamp Your CV – 6 Professional CV Writing Tips That Will Help You Stand Out

Source – Wavebreakmedia / We are very particular about the way we dress and present ourselves in a social setting. In our professional lives, that becomes even more important especially when you are hunting for a job. While it …
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Write a One Page CV – Brief, Compact and Powerful

A CV is an important part of your job search, and a one page CV enhances your job search. It clearly explains to the employers about the benefits you have brought to the past employers. A one page CV clearly …
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Does Your CV Have The Powerful Keywords ?

How to use keywords in your CV

A recruiter spends not more than 6.25 seconds on a CV to shortlist a candidate for a job interview. Not to mention that the CV should be written in a way to get the desired attention of the hiring manager! …
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6 Ways to Simplify your Job Search: Is it Really Possible?

Ways to Simplify your Job Search

Considering the current economic downtown in most of the global corporations, a number of professionals in a wide variety of fields have been rendered jobless by the ruthless cost cutting procedures and talent liquidation practices going rampant throughout the world. …
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7 Ways to Make The Most of Job Sites

Let’s face it: job sites can be confusing. They make you fill forms. They ask you to attach a CV. Why would they need both? Where does this information go? Who, if anyone is looking at it? What happens when …
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