employee evaluation

A Supervisor’s Guide to Efficient Performance Appraisals

performance appraisal

Annual performance appraisals are critical to any organization. Moreover, managing employee performance is not just a great responsibility but also an important duty for managers. Employee performance appraisals act as the annual event that lets the managers measure the employees’ …
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How to Write a Thank You Letter (or Email) After Job Interview?

In this world of online job ads, mobile apps and social media networking, sending a thank you note to the recruiter or interviewer seems to be an old-fashioned idea. Isn’t it? If you think this way then you are wrong. …
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How to Answer the Interview Question: ‘What’s Your Greatest Strength?’

How to Answer What Are Your Strengths

  “What are your strengths?” “What do you think you are good at work?” “What do you do best at work?” “What strengths do you have?” “What are your strengths in the workplace?”   These are some of the most …
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11 Interview Questions Hiring Managers Must Ask Their Candidates

11 Interview Questions

The kind of words one chooses can reveal a great deal about them. But how a person conveys his/her message is something that can help you judge their character, intelligence, skills, strengths, weaknesses, etc., most accurately. A CV can only …
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Answering the Interview Question: “What are Your Weaknesses”?

Interview Questions What are Your Weaknesses

“What is your biggest weakness?” is the one interview question that looks like a nightmare to every job seeker. Obviously, it is not easy to tell the hiring manager about your weaknesses when you want to highlight everything good about you …
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11 Common Job Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are a number of reasons that a candidate lucks out of an interview. The qualifications, the experience or in the worst case the candidates are incompetent. But if you have the skills and the required experience, but still you …
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