Looking for Jobs in Muscat, Oman? Consider These Sectors

Muscat, the capital city of the Sultanate of Oman, is not much popular among expat job seekers. However, looking for job vacancies in Muscat, Oman will definitely prove to be beneficial as the city never fails to surprise. Over the …
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10 Employers in the GCC to Work for in 2016

The Gulf today stands with economic opportunities that come with increasingly lucrative returns on being unlocked. Yes, it’s indeed true! Industry leaders and corporations from all across the globe have found efficient operational bases and the right market exposure to …
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Billionaire Diaries: Affluent Indian Tycoons and Their Entrepreneurial Ventures in the Middle East

The Middle East is a land of opportunities, offering various options to expats looking to work here. Not only has it answered the prayers of several jobs seekers, it has also been generous enough for many who wanted to set …
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Hiring Trends in the Middle East

Hiring trends in Middle east

The job market is going to offer several benefits to job seekers in the UAE. Not only will the existing jobs offer higher pay packages, there will be creation of new jobs as well. A recent survey conducted by the …
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Tourism Boom in the Gulf Countries

UAE Tourism

The tourism sectors of the Gulf Countries have experienced a huge boom in the recent past that has contributed immensely to the overall economy. Read the following article to know more “Not all those who wander are lost.” JRR Tolkein, …
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Tips to Get the Best Gulf Job Opportunities

Gulf Job Opportunities

The Gulf Countries offer some lucrative deals when it comes to employment opportunities. Expatriates can choose from a plethora of options. Read the following article to know, how to go about searching the best Gulf Jobs The Gulf Countries offer …
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