How To Get Jobs In UAE (Tips Relevant For 2020)

get jobs in uae 2020

Looking for jobs in UAE this year? You need to look at all the right places, connect with the HR community, keep your details updated round the clock and plan your job application process impeccably. In this article, we have …
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How to Attract the Best Talent for Your Company?

Despite being a small part, a cog plays an important role in making sure that the wheel/machine keeps working. It is the same for organizations where employees can be compared to cogs. Human resources are the most crucial assets of …
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Making the Hiring Process Smooth for Employers

Recruiters often complain about the behavior and lack of professionalism amongst the candidates that come for an interview. But, as a recruiter have you ever analyzed your recruiting systems and the hassles that it can create. A lot of times …
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11 Interview Questions Hiring Managers Must Ask Their Candidates

11 Interview Questions

The kind of words one chooses can reveal a great deal about them. But how a person conveys his/her message is something that can help you judge their character, intelligence, skills, strengths, weaknesses, etc., most accurately. A CV can only …
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Accounts Assistant Job Description Sample

Accounts Assistant Job Description

Just as a job seeker makes his / her CV attractive to grab the attention of prospective employers, prospective employers are also required to make their job offer attractive enough to get good candidates to apply at their organizations. A …
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