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7 Common Questions HR Managers Ask During Exit Interviews

It takes a lot of courage to resign from a certain position and discuss your exit with your supervisor or the HR. Don’t get stressed thinking about your last days in the company. This is not an anxiety-inducing experience; in …
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Human Resources Manager Job Description

Human Resource (HR) managers add value to employers by hiring new talent, and planning executive programs and company policies to achieve strategic objectives of the company. The following job description would help you draft an outstanding HR manager job description …
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Tips for HR Managers: How to Identify a Fake CV

  Has it ever happened to you? A candidate that seemed perfect in his / her CV turned out to be completely the opposite later. Fake CVs are one of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters and hiring managers. People …
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How to Write a Resume for HR Jobs

human resource resume

Before becoming an HR manager and start hiring others, have you planned how you are going to crack your own HR round of resume screening? As an HR professional, you need certain skills to attract the most qualified employees for …
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