interview preparation tips

Common Situational Interview Questions and Answering Tips

Hiring managers always keep coming up with new and better ways to judge their candidates better. There are different types of interview questions that help companies understand how well a candidate suits the job vacancy. Be it interview questions related …
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How to Answer the Interview Question: Where Do you see Yourself 5 Years from Now?

Answering Interview Question

You are sailing through a job interview — answering all common interview questions concerning your personal and professional life with perfect examples and smart anecdotes — when all of a sudden the interviewer throws a somewhat more personal question at …
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9 Commonly Asked Accounting Interview Questions with Answers

Accounting Interview Questions and Answers

Are you an accountant looking to grab a job at the company of your choice? If yes, you must be prepared to go through various stages such as looking for a perfect job opportunity, tailoring your accounting CV [sample] according …
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How to Handle Pre-Job Interview Stress?

No matter how many interviews one has previously given, they are bound to feel a little nervous before appearing for the job interview at the company they have their eyes set on. Before we discuss ‘how to deal with stress?’ …
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How to write a Salary Negotiation Email? [Sample Included]

While searching for a job, one’s ultimate aim is to land a job offer. Most people are so consumed with the joyous feeling of having an offer letter in hand that they don’t even bother pondering over how to negotiate …
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6 Salary Negotiation Tips for a Higher Pay Package

How to negotiate your salary

Salary is one of the major reasons professionals look out for a job change. Still, most of them don’t negotiate their salary during the final stages of discussion with the recruiters. Rather they accept whatever compensation package (even if it …
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