How to Answer Tough Behavioral Interview Questions?

Behavioral Interview Questions Answers

Many big organizations hold behavioral job interviews while looking for candidates for a particular job profile. Job candidates often find it difficult to understand the difference between a regular job interview and a behavioral interview. There is no difference in …
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Tips to Stay Focused During a Job Interview

  The human brain doesn’t stay put and keeps wandering. It may not affect us greatly on a normal day. However, if we don’t keep a check on our thoughts during an interview, it could cost us the job we …
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How to Crack Your Next Job Interview in Dubai?

Job Interview in Dubai

The growth of non-oil sector jobs in Dubai has been fuelled after the city has bagged the bid to host the World Expo 2020. There is a tremendous increase in job opportunities across aviation, tourism, hospitality, construction and more. Naturally, …
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Tips to Prepare for the Last Minute Interview: The Cheat Sheet

It’s 5’o clock in the evening and you thought the day is going to end in few hours while you can relax and enjoy music sitting on your favorite couch. Suddenly your phone rings and the person on the other …
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How to Answer the Interview Question: ‘What’s Your Greatest Strength?’

How to Answer What Are Your Strengths

  “What are your strengths?” “What do you think you are good at work?” “What do you do best at work?” “What strengths do you have?” “What are your strengths in the workplace?”   These are some of the most …
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Never Underestimate the Power of Body Language in a Job Interview

We all know that a good CV is very important in the job search process. We all know how important it is to choose the right words while communicating with a prospective employer. What most of us underestimate is the …
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