Answering the Interview Question: “What are Your Weaknesses”?

Interview Questions What are Your Weaknesses

“What is your biggest weakness?” is the one interview question that looks like a nightmare to every job seeker. Obviously, it is not easy to tell the hiring manager about your weaknesses when you want to highlight everything good about you …
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11 Common Job Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are a number of reasons that a candidate lucks out of an interview. The qualifications, the experience or in the worst case the candidates are incompetent. But if you have the skills and the required experience, but still you …
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Answering the Interview Question – Why Should We Hire You?

Why Should We Hire You

  The moment is finally here when all your job search efforts are just about to pay right. It surely gives you some nerves, but this is that one instance that will determine your fate with this company, if it …
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An Exit Interview With Your Employees: Why And How To Go About It?

It sure did take immense hard work to build up a team and one that fetches your organization the kind of productivity it was hungry for. However, things seem to go in the other direction when attrition keeps happening at …
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13 Most Important Mock Interview Questions

mock interview preparation

Wouldn’t it be great if you could read the mind of your interviewer? Well, to nail that job interview, you do not need any magical power, but to practice the common mock interview questions.   What is a Mock Interview? …
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How to Seal the Deal in a Job Interview

Job seekers round the globe often boggle their heads over the right way to leave a long lasting impression on an interviewer. Well, the deal is simple, it’s all a matter of a few basics ensured. All you have to …
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