Job Change

Sample Resignation Letter – Format & Key Components

Resignation Letter Format

Thinking of resigning from your current job? Once you know that it is the time to leave your job and have a good offer in your hand, the next most important thing is to write your resignation letter. Those working …
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How to Change Jobs in Dubai?

How to Change Jobs in Dubai

‘How to change a job in Dubai?’ is a question many professionals struggle with, especially those who are not the natives of the UAE. While being successful in ones Dubai job search requires employing the right strategies, changing jobs in …
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How to Answer the Question: ‘Why do You Want to Change Your Job?’

Why do You Want to Change Your Job

Job seekers often wonder why interviewers ask certain questions and it is a good practice to dig deep into what’s going on in the interviewer’s mind. Every interview question has a specific purpose which helps the interviewer to judge their …
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How to Write a Resignation Letter?

How to Write a Resignation Letter

So you have decided to quit your current job and explore new opportunities in another job! A new career journey always looks exciting. Locations like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh, and Muscat are no less than a sea of opportunities. …
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How to Know If It Is Time to Change Your Job?

Time to Quit Your Job

There are good days and there are bad days at work. Then there are days when you just don’t feel motivated enough to go to the office. In extreme cases, the fight to somehow get to the office has to …
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Growth Prospects replace Salary as a prime reason for a job change in the Middle East, highlights NaukriGulf Poll

Key Highlights: — 7% respondents said to be satisfied with their current jobs as opposed to a majority of 46.2% who is somewhat satisfied and unhappy at work. Another 35% respondents indicate high dissatisfaction and are actively looking for a job …
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