job interview stress

How to Answer the Interview Question, ‘What is Your Biggest Fear?’

Q. What’s your greatest strength? Q. What’s your Weakness?   These are some of the most common and popular job interview questions. Additionally, hiring managers sometimes throw oddball questions such as, ‘What’s your biggest fear?’ It is tough to answer …
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How to Handle Pre-Job Interview Stress?

No matter how many interviews one has previously given, they are bound to feel a little nervous before appearing for the job interview at the company they have their eyes set on. Before we discuss ‘how to deal with stress?’ …
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Tips to De-stress at work!

Work stress can be a killer. While we overthink about certain things, or in simpler words, if we are stressed, hormones like cortisol lead to increased heart rate, which is very dangerous in long term and may lead to hypertension. …
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