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How to Accept a Job Offer over an Email?

Job Offer Acceptance Email

‘Congratulations, you have been selected!’ Seeing an email like this in one’s inbox brings immense joy. For those who have been looking for a job for quite some time, receiving an email containing the offer letter puts their mind at …
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How to Respond to a Job Offer Letter?

Job Offer Letter

You got a job offer but the opportunity does not look as appealing as it initially did. Or, there are certain things you need to think over carefully before arriving at a decision. There is no harm in taking some …
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6 Salary Negotiation Tips for a Higher Pay Package

How to negotiate your salary

Salary is one of the major reasons professionals look out for a job change. Still, most of them don’t negotiate their salary during the final stages of discussion with the recruiters. Rather they accept whatever compensation package (even if it …
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Salary Negotiation Guide: How to Get a Better Job Offer?

Salary negotiation is one of the most crucial steps in a job search process. Handling this step with caution is important to fetch the right job offer from the employer. You have reached this stage is a testament to the …
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How to Decline a Job Offer over an Email?

Decline a Job Offer

Turning down a job offer is as stressful as applying for a job. Sometimes it happens that the job offer that you initially worked really hard to grab does not appeal you anymore and you have to tell the employer …
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What to Look Out For in a Job Offer Letter?

Receiving an offer letter brings immense joy, especially when one has been trying to land a new job for too long. Most of the times, job seekers are tempted to sign the offer letter without giving much thought. However, it …
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