job search process

7 Tips to Make Your Job Search Process a Whole Lot Easier

The average job search process is a strange paradox that puzzles the mind at times. There may be a number of positions available in your industry but scrolling down a page you will find that you are lucky if two …
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8 Tips To Ace Your Phone Interview

Tips To Ace Your Phone Interview

A well-drafted resume is not the only thing that gets you a lucrative job offer. Apart from writing an effective resume, one also needs to prepare for other possible stages of a job search process, such as a phone interview. …
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How to Prepare for a Job Interview? [Infographic]

infographic-job interview preparations

Getting a job has different stages. Once your well-drafted CV gets shortlisted, the next step is the interview process. An interview is the most crucial part of a job search process as it lets the employer decide about your candidature. …
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How To Follow Up After A Job Interview

You worked on your resume and applied to a number of jobs. Your resume gets shortlisted and you are invited for an interview. According to you have nailed it. Right? Or, a different case where you meet the recruiter and …
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How to Evaluate a Job Offer

Congratulations! Your job hunt is over with the final job offer letter from a reputed employer. In the excitement of receiving the job offer, celebrations and following the new career plans, do not forget to do the “extra” homework of …
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5 Steps to Find a Job in Tough Times

  Wherever you go on the globe, there’s a cut-throat competition wailing in the job market. The reason is quite obvious, the number of qualified candidates is increasing by the day, yet organizations remain selective in terms of hiring the …
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