job search process

8 Simple Tips for Finding a Job Abroad

Finding a job abroad seems intimidating initially, but the entire job search process is not a Herculean task. As compared to searching a job in your home country, finding a job in a foreign destination involves a few more steps …
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6 Ways to Simplify your Job Search: Is it Really Possible?

Ways to Simplify your Job Search

Considering the current economic downtown in most of the global corporations, a number of professionals in a wide variety of fields have been rendered jobless by the ruthless cost cutting procedures and talent liquidation practices going rampant throughout the world. …
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Tips for the Right Body Language to Ace Your Job Interview

Job interviews are like tightrope walks. You struggle to find a perfect balance between looking confident, but not over smart, intelligent but not “Mr. Know-it-All”! Over the years, more attention has been given to the role of verbal communication in …
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10 Signs That Indicate You Are Stuck in the Wrong Job

  Even if changing a job would mean bringing about a major change in the current lifestyle, there comes a time or a situation where you will have to move on. If you slog through the week just waiting for …
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