job search strategy

A Quick Checklist before You Accept a Job Offer

accepting job offer

Searching for a job is not always easy! Researching companies, sending out tailored resumes and attending interviews are both exhausting and time-consuming. But like any other job seeker, you sure get ecstatic and relieved when your efforts pay off and …
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5 Tips to Make Job Hunting Easier in 2018


There are plenty of jobs in the market, but finding the right one isn’t easy. It needs patience, focus, and persistence. And it would not be wrong to say that job hunting is a skill in itself, one that needs …
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Mistakes That Will Never Let You Get the Desired Job

There is a difference between searching for a job and searching for ‘the’ job. Most people merely look for just another opportunity and end up feeling stuck or unsatisfied with their new jobs after some time. This happens because of …
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