Top 7 Sales and Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Sales and Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Acing an interview requires a combination of a lot of things; confidence, positive approach, good communication skills, knowledge, diligence and so on. However, one thing that tops them all is preparation. Without prior preparation you cannot expect to sail ahead …
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The Scope of Marketing Jobs in the UAE

Well-positioned and creating job opportunities every single day, UAE continues to be a favourite location for job seekers to top the list of most attractive countries to work in. Despite of some uncertainties and tumbling oil prices, UAE has a …
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How to Be an Effective Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager Responsibilities

Ever seen an advertisement and decided to buy a gadget or a shoe or a cola? Ever wondered who has put in the brains to convince you to buy these products? A marketing manager is responsible for creating strategies that …
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Tips to Get the Best Gulf Job Opportunities

Gulf Job Opportunities

The Gulf Countries offer some lucrative deals when it comes to employment opportunities. Expatriates can choose from a plethora of options. Read the following article to know, how to go about searching the best Gulf Jobs The Gulf Countries offer …
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