7 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

Career Motivation

Employees need a high motivation level to remain productive and focused at work. There can be several factors such as a bad supervisor, toxic work culture, less appreciation or lower salary, which can even make an experienced and a top …
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11 Ways To Make Your Bad Job Better

Nearly everyone have had bad jobs. When unhappy at work; one feels sorry for oneself, helpless and distressed. Instead of just dragging yourself to work each day, you should be willing to make things better for you. Getting yourself a …
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5 Ways to Gather Constructive Feedback from Your Employees

The higher your position gets in an organization, less the chances are of receiving constructive feedback based on different parameters such as performance, ideas or strategy. Who wants to offend the boss? Employees do not realize that without their input, …
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5 Ways to Manage Disappointments in Your Career

More often employees face a tough situation wherein they believe that all their efforts are not paying rewards and they are stuck in a wrong career. They start questioning themselves, “Am I in a right career?” or “Is there any …
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How to Motivate Your Employees? [Infographic]

Keeping your employees engaged and motivated is the key to your company’s success. Happy workers are productive and create a happy environment. As a manager, you have to focus on optimizing revenue and employee productivity, which can be ensured only …
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