Performance Appraisal

A Supervisor’s Guide to Efficient Performance Appraisals

performance appraisal

Annual performance appraisals are critical to any organization. Moreover, managing employee performance is not just a great responsibility but also an important duty for managers. Employee performance appraisals act as the annual event that lets the managers measure the employees’ …
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Popular Methods of Performance Appraisal in Corporates

So here comes the most crucial time of the year. A time when the performance of the employees is evaluated, assessed and discussed thoroughly. It’s a task of a manager to communicate weaknesses and strengths of the team members, while …
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5 Reasons You Will Never Get A Promotion

Reasons You are Not Getting Promoted

Promotion season can be exciting yet stressful. Personally, you may feel that you have potential and everything it takes to be worthy of promotion. Yet, you don’t get it. You feel discouraged and lose the motivation to keep trying and …
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11 Stress Free Ways to Get the Raise You Deserve

Are you yearning for a rise in your salary? Of course yes! Who does not? Are you prepared to ask your boss for the hike you deserve? Asking for a hike is a complicated and stressful task that requires you …
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10 Things at Work that Can Fast-forward Your Career

Everyone wants to improve their career prospects but promotions are not easy to come by. In an organization, steps to go up the career ladder means promotion.  Ambitious professionals strive hard to get promoted and get promotion. Some could not, …
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How to Prepare For Your Annual Performance Appraisals Review

Performance review is that time of the year when every employee starts documenting his work progression to be presented in the one-on-one discussion with his boss. If your performance appraisal is just around the corner, it’s the time to prepare …
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