How to Write a Salary Increment Letter?

Salary Increment Letter

Most employees at some point in their lives have thought about asking for a salary raise. This is especially true for those professionals who are recently impacted due to the ongoing global pandemic that directly or indirectly hit many industries …
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How to Write a Promotion Request Letter? [Sample Included]

Promotion letter request

Asking for a promotion is truly nerve-wracking as most professionals fear their managers will reject their promotion request. Ideally, this fear should not stop you from asking for a promotion when you really deserve it and know you are not …
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How to Write a Promotion Letter? [Sample Included]

How to Write a Promotion Letter?

Motivating one’s employees is one of the sure-shot ways to keep them giving their best and associated with the company for long. While sending out a letter of appreciation to your star performers from time to time can be a …
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7 Deadly Habits That Will Never Get You a Promotion

Do you often feel that a hidden force is holding you back from becoming a success in your career goal? Well, it is always easier to dream success following your footsteps, but it’s quite difficult to grab it. While you …
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5 Reasons You Will Never Get A Promotion

Reasons You are Not Getting Promoted

Promotion season can be exciting yet stressful. Personally, you may feel that you have potential and everything it takes to be worthy of promotion. Yet, you don’t get it. You feel discouraged and lose the motivation to keep trying and …
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11 Stress Free Ways to Get the Raise You Deserve

Are you yearning for a rise in your salary? Of course yes! Who does not? Are you prepared to ask your boss for the hike you deserve? Asking for a hike is a complicated and stressful task that requires you …
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