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A 2016 Resume: What All Should it Include?

It’s 2016- a year full of professional opportunities, growth prospects and prospective alliances that can make your career go gaga amongst the highs of professional success. However, the competition in the job market is all set to remain the same, …
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How to Write a Resume for Business Development Manager

resume format for business development manager

As a business development manager, you might have gained expertise in selling company’s products and/or services. But if you are in the process of changing a job, you might need to learn the skill of selling yourself and through your …
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How to Write a Resume for a Banking and Finance Job?

Just as a well-stitched piece of clothing is fit to suit an individual, a well-tailored resume is always favorable to make the right fit for the job you desire. There are a multitude of elements that demand your attention, right …
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CV Length : How Many Pages Should a CV be

It is one of the most commonly asked questions by job seekers when writing a CV- “What should be the length of my CV?” or “How many pages should a CV be?”   “Not too long, never exceed more than …
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How to Write a Resume for HR Jobs

human resource resume

Before becoming an HR manager and start hiring others, have you planned how you are going to crack your own HR round of resume screening? As an HR professional, you need certain skills to attract the most qualified employees for …
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How to Make an Effective Engineering Resume

sample for engineering resume

Things often seem like a cakewalk if you are an engineer. One who holds technical specialisms intact and has an analytical approach towards every obstacle. However, there’s a tad bit of learnings you need to imbibe from other fields as …
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