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How To Format Your CV ?

If you have been in the process of job search for quite some time now, you must have now realized the importance of a good CV. It should not only be concise, informative, but also the CV format should look …
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How to Explain a Gap on Your CV ?

An employment gap refers to the period (months or years) a job applicant was unemployed. Many professionals take some time off from work. Some take time off to travel, some to find a new job and some have to take …
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How to Write a Resume Headline?

How to Write Resume Headline

A perfect resume headline or resume title is extremely important to attract the attention of hiring managers. The task is not difficult but can be confusing for many people. Should you begin it as a career objective that describes your …
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Avoid These 10 Mistakes to Create an Impactful Resume

You must be well-aware of the fact that your resume is the first contact you make with your potential employer. Make sure that you create a fabulous first impression to build up your chances of getting a job. Recruiters receive …
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How to Write a CV Objective ? [Samples Given]

CV objective is often the unsung hero of all the CV elements. It is easy to fill up your experiences and skills; but when it comes to the objective part, candidates are often left confused about what they should put …
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Some Tips to Create a Strong and Professional Teacher’s CV

Teachers carry the greatest responsibility on their shoulders, which is teaching the new generations and preparing them for the future. Teachers not just impart education, but they also transmit values, foster empathy and establish relationships of contention with students who often spend …
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