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Create An Impressive Career Objective To Get Hired Quickly

cv objective sample

You know how important it is to have a good CV, and how detrimental a bad CV can be in the whole job hunting process. The very first step to create a high-impact CV is to determine what you want …
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CV Writing Tips to Help You Land a Job in 2018

If finding a new job tops your list of New Year resolutions, you need to start preparing for it in advance. Apparently, a lot of people start looking for new jobs at the beginning of each year. Hence, the competition …
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How to Make an Impressive Video CV?

  Video CVs are the latest trend in the job market, especially the creative fields such as designing, animation, social media, etc. Although a majority of job seekers stick to the traditional CV formats, many prefer to share Video CVs …
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Applying For Jobs in the UAE? Here’s What Employers Look For in a Cover Letter

UAE Job Cover Letter

Most job seekers underestimate the power of a cover letter because they focus too much on making their CVs perfect. CV is undoubtedly importance but the cover letter is equally important. An employer will make an effort to read your …
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Do You Switch Often? Learn to Avoid Looking Like a Job Hopper

Gone are the days when one used to stay 20 years at a single job. Today, most people move around a number of companies over the course of their careers. However, frequent changing of jobs might get you the tag …
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12 Things You Should Not Be Adding To Your CV

  CV is the first and the very crucial step you take towards landing your dream job. So, it is important that you get it right. Since, CV’s give a peek into all that a job seeker is; it is …
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