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Top Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

Cover Letters can be tricky business. Not many are a fan of cover letters yet there are many who would debate over their importance. While there are many hiring managers who don’t even bother to read a cover letter, there …
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Revamp Your CV – 6 Professional CV Writing Tips That Will Help You Stand Out

Source – Wavebreakmedia / We are very particular about the way we dress and present ourselves in a social setting. In our professional lives, that becomes even more important especially when you are hunting for a job. While it …
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Hobbies and Interests in CV: How to Make Optimum Use of this Section

How to Write Hobbies on CV

Your CV is one of the most important factors that help in deciding your next move in the job search process. Drafting the perfect CV requires a lot of time and efforts to be put in. From experience, qualifications and …
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Write a One Page CV – Brief, Compact and Powerful

A CV is an important part of your job search, and a one page CV enhances your job search. It clearly explains to the employers about the benefits you have brought to the past employers. A one page CV clearly …
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Does Your CV Have The Powerful Keywords ?

How to use keywords in your CV

A recruiter spends not more than 6.25 seconds on a CV to shortlist a candidate for a job interview. Not to mention that the CV should be written in a way to get the desired attention of the hiring manager! …
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Is Your CV ATS Friendly ? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Infographic Transcript Four months of job hunting and you have not heard from any employer. Your qualifications and job accomplishments in previous jobs, however, would get you the job interview. What’s Wrong Then? Not getting a Job Interview Call, Blame …
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