How to Write a CV for English Teaching Jobs (in Dubai)?

CV for English Teaching Job

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is a popular career option among global job seekers who wish to explore different places in the world. Dubai is one of the most sought-after destinations for teaching jobs, especially English teaching jobs. …
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How to Write a Cover Letter That Stands Out? [Sample Included]

Behind every successful resume is a powerful and impactful cover letter. Most people think that cover letters are pointless and recruiters don’t have the time to read them. This is a very wrong notion and cover letter are indeed important …
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How To Format Your CV ?

If you have been in the process of looking for a job search for quite some time now, you would definitely realize the importance of a good CV. It should be informative and the CV format should look professional so …
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Some Tips to Create a Strong and Professional Teacher’s CV

Teachers carry the greatest responsibility on their shoulders, which is teaching the new generations and preparing them for the future. Teachers not just impart education, but they also transmit values, foster empathy and establish relationships of contention with students who often spend …
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CV vs. Resume: The Difference and the Basics

Many people do not know that a curriculum vitae (CV) and a resume are different. Although they are usually used for the same purpose – finding employment, they do not fulfill the same function. What further adds to the confusion …
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How to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out?

Cover Letter Tips

Who doesn’t want to impress a hiring manager even before the job interview? The good news is that a good cover letter can do that for you. Also, you don’t have to move mountains to perfect your cover letter. Our …
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