salary negotiation

How to Negotiate a Deserving Salary during COVID-19

Negotiate Salary during covid

You have successfully managed to land a job interview despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The interview process is done but you are yet to receive an offer letter. Probably your salary negotiation discussion is still pending. You are nervous about this …
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How to Answer the Interview Question: “What are Your Salary Expectations?”

What are Your Salary Expectations

No matter how good a job interview is going, the question regarding one’s salary expectation can make even the most seasoned professionals nervous. “What are your salary expectations?”  This is one interview question capable of raising the heartbeat as salary …
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How to write a Salary Negotiation Email? [Sample Included]

While searching for a job, one’s ultimate aim is to land a job offer. Most people are so consumed with the joyous feeling of having an offer letter in hand that they don’t even bother pondering over how to negotiate …
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6 Salary Negotiation Tips for a Higher Pay Package

How to negotiate your salary

Salary is one of the major reasons professionals look out for a job change. Still, most of them don’t negotiate their salary during the final stages of discussion with the recruiters. Rather they accept whatever compensation package (even if it …
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Salary Negotiation Guide: How to Get a Better Job Offer?

Salary negotiation is one of the most crucial steps in a job search process. Handling this step with caution is important to fetch the right job offer from the employer. You have reached this stage is a testament to the …
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Mistakes to Avoid While Negotiating a Pay Check

Getting a job offer is the most exciting part of the job search process. For most people, it marks the end of all the hard work they had put into nailing a job interview. However, that’s not the end. You …
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