Tips for Working Women to Overcome Workplace Challenges in the Gulf

  Women are the agents of development and their contribution to a nation’s progress is as important as that of the men. Despite that, the gender gap in the workplace is a global issue. According to the United Nations Statistics …
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Tips To Land Your First Job

Landing to your first job can be frustrating. The pressure, the stress and the need to get selected might ruin your chances of getting there. Students or fresh graduates are often intimidated by even the thought of searching a job. …
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Salary Negotiation: Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Salary Negotiation Infographic

Pay hike leads the line, when it comes to grievances of employees around the globe. Not only is it a major source to stay motivated at work, but a prime indicator of your professional success also. Desiring a financial growth …
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How to Be an Effective Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager Responsibilities

Ever seen an advertisement and decided to buy a gadget or a shoe or a cola? Ever wondered who has put in the brains to convince you to buy these products? A marketing manager is responsible for creating strategies that …
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3 Steps to a Perfect Job Search

If you are in the job search process for a time now, you are very well aware that the process gives you many hiccups. At times, your first application can win you the job. But more often you have to …
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