Types of Interview

Tips to Succeed in the Second Interview

Interview Second Round

You feel confident after an interview with a prospective employer and they ask you to expect a call back from them soon again for a second job interview. Although, initially you feel positive and excited about the prospects of making …
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7 Common Questions HR Managers Ask During Exit Interviews

It takes a lot of courage to resign from a certain position and discuss your exit with your supervisor or the HR. Don’t get stressed thinking about your last days in the company. This is not an anxiety-inducing experience; in …
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8 Tips To Ace Your Phone Interview

Tips To Ace Your Phone Interview

A well-drafted resume is not the only thing that gets you a lucrative job offer. Apart from writing an effective resume, one also needs to prepare for other possible stages of a job search process, such as a phone interview. …
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10 Types of Interviews and How to Ace Them?

Types of Interviews

There are different types of interviews and they come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes there could be just one interviewer, sometimes more. You could have an interview over a cup of coffee, at lunch, in a closed board room, …
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30 Interview Questions that Helps the Recruiter to Predict Your Behaviour

Behavioral Interview Questions

Wouldn’t it be great if you know what exactly the interviewer would ask in an interview? While this might not be possible, there are some ways you can get through an interview easily. Common interview questions are a must. What …
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