7 Ways to Stay Motivated at Work

Career Motivation

Employees need a high motivation level to remain productive and focused at work. There can be several factors such as a bad supervisor, toxic work culture, less appreciation or lower salary, which can even make an experienced and a top …
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Tips to Maintain Productivity During the Holy Month of Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan holds the utmost significance for millions of Muslims around the world who indulge themselves in praying, fasting and feasting. The vibe is completely different, especially in the Gulf countries. While the evenings come alive with …
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10 Proven Characteristics that Differentiate a Top Performer from Others

Top Performers

    We all aspire to be seen as a top performer in our fields of work. But have you ever thought what makes some people more successful and result-oriented than others? Which characteristics distinguish a top performer from a …
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Sweeping changes to employment relations in the Kingdom: An overview of the amendments to the KSA Labour Law

– Written by Zahir Qayum, Associate at Al Tamimi & Co. The Resolution approving the amendments to the Labour Law first announced by the Ministry of Labour (“MOL”) on 5th April 2015 (Resolution No. 258) was published in the official gazette …
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